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Let the Sun Shine on Renewable Energy

  Renewable sources of energy are powering parts of your day and you may not even know it. Indiana’s energy companies are investing in renewable energy generation like solar and wind. The energy these sources create help to power your home daily.
  Hoosiers are investing in solar power, too. Under a practice called “net metering”, they sell the excess energy they produce back to their energy company to help offset their costs for installing private solar on their rooftops.
  Indiana’s net metering policies are in place for a positive reason – to emphasize the importance of self-generation and stimulate the growth in small scale renewables.
  Currently, under net metering laws, energy companies are required to pay customers the full retail price for the energy they sell back to their energy company rather than the market price that would be commanded on the open market. This difference in payment price to solar owners was intended to incentivize customers to pay for expensive solar installation.
  However, times are changing. Private solar and other sources of renewable energy are becoming more affordable for customers. There is still a need for net metering, but as solar instalation becomes more affordable and more customers generate their own power, changes to laws governing self-generation of energy need to reflect the market price for energy.
  Indiana should help usher in expanded self-generation of energy by:

  • Continuing to provide the current, favorable pricing for private solar owners who sell their excess energy back to their energy company for the next decade
  • Offering a sensible transition for receiving market price for the energy self-generating customers sell back to their energy company into the future
  • Passing Senate Bill 309, that puts these necessary changes into place

The 120th Meeting of the Indiana General Assembly Has Convened

The Indiana General Assembly convened for the 120th time on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. Legislators from all corners of the state converged on Indianapolis to get the business of the state underway in the new year. Topics that will likely require the majority of time include the state's budget, K-12 education along with road and infrastructure funding. Follow what happens at the state house here.



The Importance of the Electric Grid

Indiana's electric companies are constantly investing in the electric grid to ensure that you always have power when you need it most. You may not think of it when you flip that light switch on, but the electric grid ensures that you always have electricity. Investment in the grid and reliability is a priority for Indiana's electric companies. 

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