About IUSA

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Our Mission:

IUSA’s principal mission is to establish and maintain an effective grass roots program of information, education and liaison with the shareholders and policy makers to protect and assure sufficient levels of return to retain and attract needed investment in Indiana utilities.

Our History:

The Indiana Utility Shareholders Association (IUSA) was established in 2009 as an independent grassroots organization representing the interests of individual utility company investors from across Indiana. We seek to provide an important perspective and effective voice in the legislative and regulatory process while working to encourage the growth of a viable and sustainable energy industry. 

Our Members:

IUSA is comprised of utility shareholders from all regions of Indiana. Our members range from young investors to seniors supplementing their retirement income with dividend payments. Their reason for joining is simple. They want to protect their investments by ensuring good public policy that eliminates excessive regulation, prevents tax increases on dividends, and improves energy reliability.

IUSA is committed to keeping our membership informed on issues affecting their investments and building relationships with policy makers, so their voice is heard.

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