Eric Augustus, Executive Director

Eric Augustus joined the Indiana Utility Shareholders Association in November 2014. In his role, Eric directs and manages the growth of the association. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the association, Eric is responsible for monitoring and impacting legislative and regulatory matters facing utility shareholders, both on the state and federal level. Eric works closely with his members to activate the grassroots arm of the utility industry and utilizes IUSA’s membership to impact policy.  In order to do this, new membership recruitment and maintaining current members is a vital function of his role.

Previous to joining IUSA, Eric served as both the Grassroots Manager and later the Government Affairs Director of the Indiana Association of Realtors from 2011 to 2014. In these roles Eric was responsible for crafting and advocating for the legislative agenda of the association, managing two staff members tasked with impacting local ordinances and managing the Realtor Political Action Committee. Before joining the Realtors, Eric was a Legislative Assistant for the Indiana House of Representatives.

Eric earned his degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University – Indianapolis in 2010 with honors.

Adria McClellan, Membership and Communications Coordinator

Adria McClellan joined the Indiana Utility Shareholders Association (IUSA) in August 2013. In her position, Adria supports the Executive Director by acting as a front line communicator between members and the association. She is also accountable for designing both print and social media communication materials along with planning meetings and events for IUSA’s members and board of directors. In this role,  Adria manages mass mailings along with creating newsletter content. Additionally, she is responsible for staffing governance committees, maintaining effective content on IUSA’s website and tracking membership recruitment progress.

Adria initially began as an intern with IUSA and transitioned into the Membership and Communications Coordinator position in May 2014. She earned her degree in Journalism with Public Relations as her focus from Indiana University – Indianapolis in 2014.